Document Capture

Document Capture software from ReadSoft does the job for you - just place your documents in a scanner and our automatic data processing software extracts the relevant information in no time.

This automatic document capture is conducted in two ways: OCR (Optical Character Recognition) deals with machine print while ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) allows ReadSoft's Document Capture software to recognize handwritten characters. After the data has been captured using document capture, it is interpreted, verified and transferred into any target system.

Document Capture

Our scanning software also easily reads electronic documents coming in from fax, email or web. Thus we can offer a complete solution for document capture, from any source to any system.

How a document capture solution works

By using scanning software, a digital image of the document is created. This is called “imaging”. The document capture solution then “reads” information from the document (data capture).  Indeed, intelligent document capture solutions read documents much like humans do. It scans for the important information and figures out which information is which on the document.  When the document capture solution has found the specified information, it extracts it and enables automated document classification and searching in, for example, an archive. The information can also be double-checked against your document management system to validate information and automate enterprise document management.

Handle both paper and electronic documents

ReadSoft’s document capture solutions can handle both paper and electronic documents. If it is a paper document, we use intelligent scanning to capture the information you specify. If it is an electronic document (PDF, XML, IDoc etc), the information is even easier to extract into your workflow or your document management system.

 The benefits of a document capture solution or scanning software

  • A document capture solution is faster than manually keying in information into computers. This enables you to speed up enterprise document management and get back to customers much quicker.
  • A document capture solution saves money since you can take on more documents using fewer resources.
  • A document capture solution gives you better control and more transparency since data capture and imaging allows you to find all information in digital format. This improves your business processes and enterprise document management and also helps you comply with legislation such as SOX (the Sarbanes-Oxley Act).

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